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Hey guys! I'm moving communities because I don't have much love for this one anymore. If you want to follow me on my new icon/graphics community it's here @ scrystorm. I have a sister community which is also called scrystorm at dreamwidth which has the same updates if you're on there as well.

Later days!

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Hey guys I know it's been awhile! I recently got into watching the anime shows Tiger and Bunny, Blue Exorcist and No. 6, which is why I made some icons for them. ;D I also realize this batch is less than what I usually make up but University started this week so I didn't have much time to create anymore. Don't worry though, whenever I have any free time I'll be making icons again. Also, sadly I don't know any of the artists that made the original fan art. ;w; I found most of the images on zero-chan (so I guess this could be considered a disclaimer).

彡Tiger and Bunny [12]
彡No. 6 [14]
彡Blue (Ai no) Exorcist [12]
彡Misc. (KHR, Inazuma 11, Giant Killing, Vocaloid, Prince of Tennis, YGO) -[9]

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Junk Batch # 10

Yes, this is a Junk Batch of icons. It's not that they're terrible - it's just that these icons have been lying around in my computer for months now. I was supposed to post them up in winter and you can tell because there's winter stock icons in this one. I'm too lazy to re-post the link to other communities and I didn't bother putting them in groups. ;w; Sorry guys. I'll make it up to you in my next batch.

彡 Zelda, Yu-gi-oh, Vocaloid, Stock, Pokemon, Persona, Natsume, Naruto, Toy Story, Nabari, KHR, Inazuma 11, E21, Bleach

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Batch # 9

Oh my, it's been so long since I've updated the community. D: I'm really sorry about that. It's just that school is overwhelming at times and I always seem to be busy. Since I'm on my winter break I had the time to make icons and I made a huge batch just to compensate for my inactivity. ;D Happy Holidays~

彡 YGO - [4]
彡 Vocaloid - [11]
彡 SMT - [6]
彡 Pokemon - [10]
彡 Oofuri - [7]
彡 KHR - [12]
彡 Guilty Gear - [4]
彡 Eyeshield 21 - [5]
彡 Bakuman - [12]
彡 Others (Misc. Disgaea, Marvel, Naruto, SSB, Stock, and just too many to name. D:)

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I've just switched journals. sliideshow is no longer a journal I will be using. On another note, uhm.... I just wanted to ask what kinds of stuff you want me to icon. This isn't a request post -  what I mean is what do you want to see more of? If you like the stock icons I made in my latest batch then comment saying you would like to see more stock icons, etc. Please don't send me images and stuff. ;w; After I finish working on a new batch of icons I will make an icon request post. Sorry, but you'll have to wait until then.

Batch # 8

I'm alive! Summer vacation has been a blast. However for the past week or so I've been just resting because I got my wisdom teeth removed. D; So when I got a little better, I made some icons for you guys to pass the time. This is my first time doing stock icons so there's a shit load. Hope you like them. *o*

Vocaloid - [16]
ToV - [7]
Stock - [29]
Misc. (Pokemon, Naruto, KHR,FMA,FE, Bakuman, YGO, Zelda, E21) - [14]

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Request Icons


SHIET SON! D: It's been so long. I finished the icon requests a long time ago, but I just never had the time to upload them and stuff. I'm pretty lazy so this post is nothing fancy. ;_____; I have other icons to post but I'll upload them some other time. So, I really hope you guys are satisfied with the icons I made, otherwise I think I might spazz. o3o;

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Hey guys! I just noticed there are 31 watchers and I think it's time I take some requests. xDDDD
I have no idea if I'll complete them all quickly but I'll try. School related stuff is taking up most of my time.... and it's just really lame right now.

I'm only taking requests from 10 people. Since this is my first time doing this, I want to keep it small.
Oh... also. I can't colour for shiet, so don't even ask. ;____; </3

+Two images per person
+ Tell me if you would want the icons to be shareable or non-shareable

Batch #7

I was in the mood to make icons and I practically finished these in one day. I guess it's because I hardly used any textures and brushes on them. Also, if you've followed the community from the beginning, you know that I don't make icons of Miku. I find that everyone makes icons of her so I just choose not to. ;D ANYWAYS! I hope you guys like my icons~

KHR - [6]
Pokemon - [14]
Itsu/Kyon - [4]
SSB/Zelda/Fire Emblem - [9]
ToV - [7]
Vocaloid - [16]
Yu-Gi-Oh - [7]
Misc. (Ghost Hound,OA, No More Heroes) - [7]

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